HOSUR TNHB Housing unit alleged in multi-crore scandal, DMK protests

Tamil Nadu assembly opposition party Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) has alleged multi crore scandal in Hosur Housing Unit of Tamil Nadu Housing Board.


Hosur Housing UnitKrishnagiri district wing of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), the current opposition party in Tamil Nadu assembly, has alleged multi crore scandal in Hosur Housing Unit of Tamil Nadu Housing Board.

A large number of DMK party cadres  including Three MLAs from the district along with hundreds of public resort to demonstration and protest in this connection infront of TNHB Hosur Housing Unit in Hosur on February 19, 2021.Hosur Housing Unit

In the protest, DMK party Krishnagiri west district Secretary cum Thalli MLA Y.Prakash alleged that the TNHB has allotted houses/sites in Hosur without adopting any government procedures. He said that TNHB had announced allotments for around 260 houses/sites for which 20,000 applicants are there.

But within two days of announcement, the TNHB has allotted units to bogus applicants through an eye washing draw in a small Kalyana mantapam. We will give complaint in Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption. He questioned how can the TNHB examine 20,000 applications within two days and allot the houses.Hosur Housing Unit

Hosur MLA S.A. Sathya alleged that the TNHB sold commercial sites at rockbottom prices incurring around Rs 7 crore loss to the government. The auction was conducted secretly by making some ‘eye washing’ announcement in a unpopular newspaper and without giving time to the bidders. “After my complaint to the higher authorities in this regard, an enquiry has been conducted and now we received an information that this tender will be cancelled, he alleged.

Sathya also said the there is huge scandal in housing allotment too. There are several reservations for housing allotments, but the reservations were not made as per rules and regulations while conducting draw for the allotment of around 260 house/sites in Hosur. He alleged that real estate brokers and AIADMK partymen were involved have joined hands with Hosur Housing Unit in all allotment scandals.

He also alleged that the Hosur Housing Board is involving in several anti people activities. They are favouring only to the people who ‘adjust’ them with bribe. But they are torturing the people who are fighting lawfully for their properties in land acquisition cases. Recently the house of a renowned family in Hosur was demolished against law by the Hosur Housing Unit since that family was fighting in the Court of Law to retain their house, he added. Hosur MLA Sathya has raised this issue in the protest as this place falls in his Hosur assembly constituency and demolition of house of old aged people in unlawful manner sparked resentment among the people against TNHB Hosur Housing Unit.

In the protest, DMK functionary Mr Sukumaran alleged that the TNHB has secretly auctioned commercial sites for rockbottom prices according to their whims and fancies. The constituency MLA too did not know about this important auction.

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Veppanapalli MLA Murugan, DMK District Organizing President Mr Yuvaraj and other functionaries including Mr Veera Reddy, Mr Vijayakumar among others were present in the protest.

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