Dawn Yearn launches newly patented designs at Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week

Cosmetics Packaging company specialising in foundation glass bottles for 15 years, combining elegant appearance, functional designs and unique customisation, it also offers innovative technology with their rolling catalogue of new styles

Dawn Yearn’s foundation bottles are ideal for a wide variety of products, including these stylish Light Beauty CC Sticks

In order to develop more innovative and first-to-market bottles, Dawn Yearn Cosmetic Packaging constantly strives to seek insights from the market and listen to their customers

Those who participated at the five-day Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week, in its first ever online edition, are enjoying front-row views of their technology and designs from now until 13 November.

Thanks to an expert team that is always looking for the next technology, creative idea and eye-catching finish, Dawn Yearn Cosmetic Packaging proudly presents their extensive newly patented collection of foundation glass bottles.

Dawn Yearn has expertise in the smaller sizes, mostly in the range of 10ml to 50ml. With this, the company witnessed remarkable success in the cosmetics and beauty market as a result.

At present, the company’s new offerings include a bottle with a new twist — literally. Customers must twist the top platform to access the liquid inside rather than pump as per the usual traditional manner.

Moreover, the cosmetic pakaging major’s team has also created a new locking structure, instead of the typical cap, with integrated materials like mirrors in order to increase the functionality and attractive appearance of each product.

Over 15,000 sq mtrs

Guangzhou-based cosmetic packaging leader Dawn Yearn has a facility with 15,000 square metres of factory floor. Most of its products ranges from 10ml to 5ml and its high-grade bottles integrate expertise in Research and Development.

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