Zinc-driven foods to boost immunity against Covid-19 during winter


Zinc rich foodsAlthough the world is yet to find any effective vaccine or curative medicine to check threatening Corona pandemic, there has been sound buzz around zinc rich foods.

Various studies indicate that the zinc mineral plays an important role in boosting human immunity

The nutrient plays an important role in digestion, proper nerve functioning and keeping the metabolism healthy. Thus, it is worth to say that zinc is an important nutrient that we all need to have in our daily diet in the current pandemic.

The daily zinc dose recommended ranges between 8 milligrams and 13 milligrams for adults. It depends on your sex, if you’re lactating or pregnant.

With the onset of the winter season, it’s very important to add sufficient zinc in your daily diet to fight against the flu and other related ailments.

Here are a few zinc rich foods, you can add in your daily diet.

For pure vegetarians

Peanuts, which is very cheap and tasty source of zinc and can be easily included in the daily diet and consumed.

The peanuts can be fried or steam cooked and eat directly or can even prepare as gravy.

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You can mix the gravy with rice are can consume as a side dish for rotis. These are key source of zinc for people who are strict vegetarian or vegan.

Next comes Hummus as it contains a good amount of zinc nutrient. You can utilize it as a spread in sandwich or have it with chips. This is also rich in fibre, antioxidants and various other nutrients.

For Non-Vegetarians

Eggs also have a notable amount of zinc and it can help you meet the daily target. One big egg contains 5% of the daily recommended dose. This is also good for winter season.

One egg contains 77 calories and six grams of protein along with five grams of healthy fats and various other minerals in addition to vitamins including selenium and B vitamins.

In addition to above diets, chicken too offers a decent amount of zinc. Chicken can be consumed in various forms as chicken soup, chicken tikka or grilled chicken to get your daily dose of zinc.

Zinc is vital mineral forming a component of over 300 enzymes in the body with functions including immune system function, wound healing, building proteins and DNA, fertility in adults and growth in children. Zinc is also required for maintaining the senses of taste and smell.

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