5 easy and healthy vegetables you can grow in your home garden


Carrot garlicHome garden is emerging a new fad thanks to the benefits people get from it. By growing vegetables and fruits in one’s own home, one can protect the whole family from the ill-effects of chemicals, fertilisers and artificial preservatives and colours.

People living in flats too can try their hands at home garden, as the concept it not for those living in sprawling individual houses alone. Here are five common vegetables that anyone can easily grow in his/her home garden.


Carrot is vitamin rich root vegetable. It can be consumed as salad or it can be prepared with curry. It is also very easy to grow inside your compound. Sow the carrot seeds in a pot containing soil mixed with adequate manure. After a few days, the top shoots out and the veggie is ready to harvest.


The most favourable times of sowing Radish seeds are Spring or Fall. Sow the seeds with adequate space, making way for the roots to grow well. After some days, this root vegetable is ready to get in to your kitchen.


Garlic is used as a basic ingredient in majority of Indian food. While growing it in your home, just use the seeds of garlic to get better result. Don’t use the garlic bulbs that you buy outside. Manure it and water it properly to get good bulbs.

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As you know Peas is liked by many foodies for its yummy taste. It can be cooked in many ways. Best season to plant it is during the spring time. Once the seeds shoot out from soil, support the plant with thin wood or bamboo to climb upon.


Nature god blessed leaf lettuce with a fast growth pattern. You need not to wait for the plant to develop a head.It can be consumed in many farms. The raw leaves stuffed in burgers and sandwiches makes a tasty food. Why to wait? You can prepare your home garden to plant Lettuce

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