Pimple is not that simple

Five reasons why you should not commit biggest beauty mistake by popping it


pimplesAre you the one who is worried about the pimples that spoil the beauty of your face? And, are you the one who is feeling the urge to pop it away? Then this is for you.

Beauty and dermatology experts are of the opinion that popping a pimple is the biggest ever beauty mistake you could ever commit. Here are few reasons why are they saying so.


When you push the pimple in a bid to get the pus out, there are chances that you have left some pus in. It would become the breeding ground for more bigger and inflamed pimples.


If you squeeze the skin around the pimple, it might increase the risk of pushing the oil, bacteria and debris under the skin. Adding to it, the bacteria on your fingers also joins the mess. This might lead to a new series of pimples.


One of the common side effects of bursting a pimple.is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The worst part is, it can take months or even years to cure.

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Pitting & Scaring

Premature popping delays healing. This end up in loss of tissue paving the way for permanent scars. If you pick and scratch the site of a pimple, the risk of scarring increases.


The pus that you squeeze out of a pimple gets in touch with the skin and results in creating more pimples. The oil, bacteria and trapped debris blocks the hair follicles and pores. All these end up creating more pimples.

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