Boost your immunity with 6 nutritional fruits during winter

Stock these up at home to get 'fruit'ful benefits for your body and mind


Fruit appleWinter, coupled with Covid-19, is posing a challenge to immunity. However, all hopes are not lost as you can boost your strength with six nutritional fruits that are readily available this season.

Fruits are tasty and easy option and they can be consumed in multiple ways- raw, juices, smoothies, chutney etc., So, take the fruit route to boost your immunity this year and here are six recommendations for you.


The juicy, light green fruit with delicate flesh is liked by one and all. It comes with vitamins E and C and is good for your gut.


The humble guava which is easy on pocket is rich in benefits. Loaded with vitamin C, guava prevents cell damage and is also good for blood sugar level and heart.


There are hardly a few who don’t like oranges. Known for its great taste and cool nature, orange comes with both vitamin c and calcium.

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The proverbial ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is true in many ways, as this tremendous source of vitamins C and K is too good for immunity building


As the name suggests, plum comes with plenty of benefits. It is a treasure trove of disease-fighting antioxidant and is being analysed for its cancer-fighting abilities.


Also known as sweet lime, this member of the citrus family of oranges and pomelos is enrich with vitamin C. If you don’t want to lose out on mandatory fibres, mosambi is the easy way out.

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