Make your face fresh and beautiful with simple steps from Harvard Medical School

If you follow this easy routine, your 'index of the mind' can stay young forever


FaceYour face is your visiting card. Hence, it is your duty to keep it fresh, young and alive. For, while a dull face may leave a wrong impression on you, a fresh face, on the other hand, is bound to create a positive impact.

Moreover, from the health front too, protecting your face from external and internal factors can go a long way in maintaining your good looks, especially when you are aging. Here are some simple steps from Harvard Medical School that you can practice daily to get that glow.


Many do this multiple times daily. But it all depends on how you do it. According to experts, avoid using regular bar soap, as it strips the skin of its outer layer and makes it harder.

You can pick an over-the-counter product labeled as a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. Washing face regularly by using it can keep the face fresh and healthy.


If you are the one who goes out often, sunscreen is recommended for you. Use sunscreen with at least a 30 sun protection factor (SPF).  Also, look for products labeled for sensitive skin or children. Don’t spray sunscreens, which contain alcohol.


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After washing your face, it is good to apply a moisturiser cream or lotion. There are many products available in the market and be wise while choosing them. Important ingredients of a good moisturiser include niacinamide, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and squalene. These things keep skin hydrated.

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