ResMed announces expansion of AirView remote monitoring for ventilation in India

Digital solution for respiratory monitoring allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients, providing environment to deliver more effective care


ResmedResMed has announced expansion of AirView for Ventilation, its cloud-based remote monitoring and management platform for respiratory care patients, in India.

According to the leading player in digital health and cloud connected medical devices worldwide, chronic respiratory ailments are the second leading cause of death in India as of 2017.

Unhealthy air pollution levels in the country further increase this burden, as poor air quality is also linked with acute respiratory tract infections, COPD, asthma and lung cancer.
Patients requiring respiratory care often need regular ventilation assistance at home to breathe.

Hence, remote monitoring can be key to knowing that the treatment is working effectively, bringing down the burden on the patient and caregiver in having to travel to an office visit.

Technological innovations such as telemedicine, telehealth and telemonitoring can be transformative in assisting patients with mild to moderate COPD and other respiratory conditions.

ResMed said its AirView platform allows healthcare professionals to monitor large numbers of patients safely, remotely and efficiently, thus enabling them to quickly support those who need it, optimising their device use and health outcomes.

At present, it helps monitor 15 million patients worldwide, including India, and primarily represent CPAP users.

AirView connects with ResMed’s respiratory care equipment like Lumis through a built-in wireless module, and with Astral and Stellar ventilators through a ResMed Connectivity Module (RCM).

Comprehensive view
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AirView offers a comprehensive view of patients’ therapy data that helps authorised members of the care team to interpret and optimise patient therapy outcomes, easier identification of patients that require assistance, filtering patients into actionable groups based on a specific therapy issue they may be having that need immediate attention,
reduced lengthy or unnecessary or unscheduled visits, remote troubleshooting to resolve patient therapy and device issues – greater flexibility in managing patients in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Carlos Montiel, vice-president, Latin America and South Asia, Asia and Latin, said, “As social distancing norms continue, it is essential for clinicians and medical staff to remotely assess patients and intervene early where required.”

He added: “AirView allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor and assess patients and ultimately tailor treatments. It helps save time by identifying therapy issues early in the process and enabling relevant solutions, thereby optimizing therapy use.”

At present over 15 million patients with cloud-connectable devices in ResMed’s global network are allowing doctors to remotely monitor their patients for the diagnosis and treatment of their sleep and respiratory disorders.

AirView for Ventilation is already available in the United States and Europe.

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