COMMUNITY: A global platform trial for hospitalised patients with Covid-19

Therapeutics will be evaluated for safety and potential efficacy relative to the condition severity of patients hospitalised with coronavirus infection


3cosThree members of the Covid Research & Development Alliance have announced the first patient enrolled in the Community Trial.

The three members are Amgen Inc, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, and UCB. The community trial is by Covid-19 Multiple Agents and Modulators Unified Industry Members.

COMMUNITY is a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, adaptive platform trial that enables a string of therapeutic candidates to be assessed in hospitalised Covid-19 patients.

COMMUNITY is the first platform trial designed and launched by members of the COVID R&D Alliance, a group of more than 20 leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies who are devoting significant time, insights and company resources to speed the development of potential therapies, novel antibodies, and anti-viral therapies for COVID-19 and its related symptoms.

With deaths caused by Covid-19 crossing one million and a resurgence of cases globally, life science companies are working overtime to identify treatments that can potentially reduce clinical severity of Covid-19 in hospitalised patients.

David M. Reese, Managing Director, Executive Vice President Research & Development, Amgen, said, “As this insidious virus rapidly spreads around the globe, doctors need options to treat hospitalized patients who are actively sick and experiencing a range of symptoms as the disease progresses.”

He added: “Working hand-in-hand with our peers, we hope to find options that could potentially save lives of the patients who will need treatments for COVID-19 before widespread availability of a vaccine.”

COMMUNITY makes use an adaptive design which allows for the addition, removal and simultaneous study of multiple therapeutic candidates during the course of the trial.

Multiple candidates

Many candidates will be tested against a shared placebo-controlled arm. The design allows for a streamlined approach which may accelerate execution of the study and save time as we search for therapeutics in the fight against the pandemic.

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The first candidates to enter COMMUNITY will be Immunomodulating therapies. Other therapies such as antivirals may join in the future.

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