Chanre Update conference focuses on allergies & autoimmune diseases

Dr Chandrashekara.S, a top Rheumatologist & Immunologist of ChanRe Rheumatology & Immunity Center & Research addressing at the conference
The 21st Chanre Update conference that focused on allergies & autoimmune diseases drawn a huge attention from the medical practitioners across the segment.
In the knowledge-packed Chanre Update conference held on December 17, 2023 in Bangalore, top medical experts in the field of autoimmune diseases have shared their findings and opinions. The one-day seminar has been conducted by ChanRe Rheumatology & Immunity Center & Research (CRICR).Chanre Update conferenceChanre Update conference

According to Dr Chandrashekara.S, a top Rheumatologist & Immunologist of CRICR, Autoimmune diseases and allergic disorders represent two extremes of altered immune response. However, their clinical features often mimic each other. The fundamental distinction is that autoimmune diseases involve an altered immune response against self-proteins, whereas allergies result from reactions to external proteins that are otherwise non-harmful substances.Chanre Update conference

While it was previously believed that these conditions were mutually exclusive experiences and literature have clarified that there can be significant overlap in a proportion of patients. Additionally, infections, whether acute or chronic, can sometimes present with features resembling both conditions. The treatment approach for allergy and autoimmunity involves immune suppression, which is in direct contrast to the expected direction for managing infections.Chanre Update conferenceChanre Update conference

Sharing details with The OnLook about the conference, Dr Chandrashekara said that Biologics including targeted synthetic Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic drugs, have transformed the landscape of autoimmune rheumatic disease treatment. Their increased availability and reduced prices have enhanced accessibility but also raised concerns about over prescription. The lecture aims to guide the appropriate positioning of these treatments in the therapeutic armamentarium. Following this, we will discuss strategies for early identification of pulmonary and renal involvement in autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

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In the seminar, Dr Chandrashekara talked in detail about Immunotherapy of allergy, its current status and future developments. His lecture also included treatment of allergic rhinitis and allergen immunotherapy. And also he made detailed presentation on evolution of allergen immunotherapy and mechanisms of allergic inflammation while discussing in detail about clinical effects allergen immunotherapy. He also touched upon guidelines in India for practice of allergen immunotherapy.

Dr Renuka, Director & Pathologist, Chanre Diagnostic Laboratory
Dr Renuka, Director & Pathologist, Chanre Diagnostic Laboratory making presentation at the conference

Addressing the conference, Dr Renuka, Director & Pathologist, Chanre Diagnostic Laboratory, discussed in detail under the title “Antigen specific tests-Skin prick tests to In vitro tests.

Dr Renuka said that skin tests are most commonly used by allergists & involves direct observation of a biological response to various allergens. She said the skin testing should be performed with a physician available to treat adverse reactions, including anaphylaxis.

Chanre Update conference
Chanre Update conference

Talking about Percutaneous Tests, she termed it as prick or puncture tests in patients with appropriate exposure histories. It is also most convenient and least expensive and highly reproducible when carried out by trained individuals.

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Further she said that Intracutaneous tests are used when percutaneous tests are negative despite an adequate history of exposure and symptoms. Intradermal testing are more sensitive than percutaneous testing. The test use a starting dose of intracutaneous extract solution in patients with preceding negative prick skin tests of 1:500 to 1:1000. Histamine intradermal skin test peaks at 10 minutes while allergens peak at 15 to 20 minute.Chanre Update conference

Percutaneous skin tests are generally thought to be more specific but less sensitive that intracutaneous or intradermal tests. She also said that – In dark skin patients percutaneous tests can be more difficult to interpret. Skin test reactions can vary with age, with infants and older adults having less reactivity.

Dr Renuka has also discussed in detail about Allergen Cross Reactivity, Basophils activation test, Component resolved diagnosis, Pan Allergen Identification & Differentiation between genuine and cross-reactive sensitizations.Chanre Update conference

In another interesting lecture under the title “Varied clinical presentation of allergy- An experience from Chanre, Dr.Smitha from Department of allergy and Clinical Immunology, CRICR, revealed various details about the given subject.

Dr Smitha said that Mast cells play a key role in allergic reactions and the wealth of inflammatory mediators they express, make it likely that they have profound effects on many autoimmune processes. Activation of protein kinases by inflammatory cytokines and environmental stresses may contribute to both allergic and autoimmune diseases.

She also said that Immunomodulation is the key to a successful treatment of Allergic and Autoimmune diseases. IgE is an evolutionary conserved member of the Ig family and has highest determined affinity to receptors and antigens among all antibody classes. Further she indicated that allergy can mimic various diseases like malignancy, autoimmune problems as well as immunodeficiencies. Malfunctioning of the immune system occurs in these three conditions – Allergy, autommunity and Immunodeficiency.

Several medical practitioners participated in the conference have raised their questions and got it clarified by the speakers.Chanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conference

The top medical experts participated in the event include Dr Dhrmanand. B.G, Consultant Rheumatalogist from Vikram Hospital, Dr Jayaraj.B.S., Professor and head, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, JSS Hospital Mysore, Dr Vinod Nagesh, Consultant Nephrology, CRICR, Dr K.M.Mahendranath, Senior Rheumatologist of Samarpan Health Centre among several others.

The one-day seminar has been organised along with the jam-packed medical exhibition in which several pharma and medical field related companies have participated and displayed their products.

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Chanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conferenceChanre Update conference


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