Control your diabetics with these easily available high vitamanized foods

Keeping diabetes under control is a tasty and easy way with these simple eating habits


LemonMany think the art of keeping diabetes under control is a herculean task. This is all the more so during winter, when the craving for food is higher when compared to other seasons of the year.

But, that is not the case in reality. With smart choices, one can strike a fine balance by consuming these seven foods. Read on to know more.


With low glycaemic index value, carrot is ideal for diabetics. It can be consumed during anytime of the day and another highlight is since it takes time to digest, it does not cause an immediate increase in blood sugar levels.


Nuts are low in carbs and high in fibre. Consuming them regularly brings down blood sugar levels and inflammation.

Lemon & Orange

Citrus can do a world of good to diabetics. And oranges and lemons will help you get enough dose of citrus. As part of their daily meals, diabetics can eat lemon and oranges in small quantities.

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Sweet potatoes

As many believe, sweet potato is not bad for diabetics. They are anti-diabetic food. Rich is several nutrients and phytochemical beta-carotene, sweet potatoes can help diabetic people manage their weight too, besides balancing blood sugar levels.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts is one among the many things that winter brings. They are good for people with diabetes, as they help keep the blood sugar levels stable.


For non-veg loving diabetics, here comes fish. It not just prevent strokes and heart ailments, but is very vital for diabetics in their diet.


Hailed as superfood for those with diabetes, spinach is apt to consumer during winter. It can be consumed in good quantity, since it is a non-starchy and low glycaemic food.

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