Venus225 to launch first of its kind sports supplement formulated specifically for female athletes

Product to hit markets soon, targeted at lady sportspersons and their hormonal cycle





A new sports supplement brand named Venus225 is set to hit markets soon, with a ‘first of its kind innovative concept breakout’.

Targeted at women sportspersons, Venus225 products are formulated to work during the two main hormonal phases of a woman’s cycle. The focus areas are women’s fitness training, weight loss and health.

Venus225 Owner and Founder, Karen Oliver says, “This is about to change! We are entering a new age for female athletes and their supplements.”

The maiden product of Venus225 is going to be Electrolyte Powders, which have been developed for each of the two main hormonal phases of the female body through varying combinations of ingredients.

According to the company, it address the specific needs of each phase. When women fail to address the range of needs their bodies have throughout their hormonal cycle, they are at high risk for issues such as poor sleep quality, low energy, anxiety, overtraining and adrenal fatigue, muscle mass loss, and athletic amenorrhea. This affects not only professional athletes but also active women and amateur athletes.

Female-oriented firm

Venus225 is a female-owned and operated boutique company, specializing in sport supplements that focus on helping women become fitter and healthier.

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The company’s concept and products are based on research and development that emphasize the two main hormonal phases women experience every month.

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