Diabeloop launches DBL-hu to manage highly unstable diabetes

Medical device dedicated to automatic and autonomous management of diabetes, DBL-hu received CE mark less than a year after the launch of its pivotal clinical trial started



Diabeloop said it has received CE marking for its adjustable and innovative technological solution called DBL-hu.

The solution, according Diabeloop, enhances glycemic control and satisfaction for people living with a form of diabetes that is very complex to manage.

Diabeloop expands its position in therapeutic artificial intelligence, following CE marking of DBLG1 in 2018.

Though innovative treatments for the 250,000 people living with Type 1 diabetes in France, 1.5 million in the USA and 2.0 million in Europe are helping to improve their daily lives, highly unstable diabetes (labile diabetes) remains complex to manage and balance with the solutions currently available on the market.

According to Hélène Lefebvre, Project Leader for DBL-hu at Diabeloop: “A very small proportion of people with Type 1 diabetes have what is called highly unstable diabetes. There aren’t two identical reasons in two different people; the researchers do not understand, to date, what creates this physiological upheaval and what leads these patients to have sudden variations between very high and very low blood sugar levels, even more so than other people with Type 1 diabetes.”

He added that several diabetologists have told them that DBLG1 System from Diabeloop is working well and that something should be done for these patients.

So they started the DBL-hu project keeping in mind that they were going to have to adapt the algorithm for these people with very complex physiologies to stabilise.

Individualised and adapted response

Less alternatives are now available to people living with highly unstable Type 1 diabetes. An improved implantable insulin pump will not be available in France for a few years.
Though surgical options exist, with pancreas transplantation and islet transplantation, these procedures do not offer an absolute guarantee of success and require heavy immunosuppressive treatment.

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People who participated in the DBL-hu clinical study had a contraindication to islet transplantation. The option offered by Diabeloop with its closed-loop system – DBL-hu – allows patients and their physicians to consider a less invasive and flexible solution.

Thanks to this device, they can enjoy a more stable daily life, a lighter mental load, reduced risk of hypoglycemic episodes and much better diabetes control.

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