Finishing Touch Flawless unveils skincare staples of Supermodels

Brand is concentrating on expanding line of at-home beauty devices to make everyone feel like a supermodel


Finishing TouchFinishing Touch Flawless, which believes that everyone can look and feel like a supermodel with the right beauty tools, is making it super easy with its expanding line of at-home beauty devices.

According to supermodel, entrepreneur, and “Pretty Big Deal” podcast host Ashley Graham and supermodel Amelia Gray Hamlin, Flawless device keeps them camera-ready.

They said you will get a resounding, “Flawless Cleanse” and Hamlin also gravitates to the brand’s hair removal devices.

Flawless is on a mission to bring women affordable spa-like experiences through their high-quality at-home beauty devices.

Hayley Parisi, brand manager of the Flawless line, said, “Achieving a supermodel look doesn’t have to be painful or expensive.”

Flawless Cleanse, an innovative facial Cleansing and Massaging device used by both Graham and Hamlin, is a trick for a beautiful complexion.

Made of 100 per cent silicone, Flawless Cleanse offers four modes of cleanse and massage and is designed to help stimulate circulation and, in turn, helps promote collagen production.

Parisi further said that the ultra-hygienic, Dermatologist Approved device is non-abrasive and gentler on facial skin that than the old brush cleansing devices.

Brow maintenance

As far as brow maintenance is concerned, Hamlin trusts her trademark brows to Flawless Brows. Parisi said, “Our new Flawless Brows unit removes hair at the surface of the skin, which helps prevent premature aging of the delicate skin around the eye, with pinpoint precision. Whether you want to remove a stray or unruly brow hair like Hamlin, or you want to shape and maintain brows like Dove Cameron, this device can handle it – instantly and painlessly.”

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The Flawless line of products includes a multitude of devices that allow women to reveal smooth and radiant-looking skin in the comfort and safety of their home.

According to Hayley Parisi, Finishing Touch Flawless brand manager, “You don’t have to be a supermodel to look like one.” Finishing Touch Flawless has the tools to bring out the beauty in everyone, Parisi added.

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