Momcozy unveils smart baby bottle warmer for safe milk warming

Designed to fit more than 80% of feeding bottles on the market, the new Momcozy bottle warmer is highly versatile and can be used with baby food as well.

Momcozy Nutri Smart Analog Baby Bottle Warmer

Momcozy, a global maternity and baby brand, has unveiled its latest offering, the Nutri Smart Baby Bottle Warmer.

This bottle warmer is designed to simplify the lives of breastfeeding mothers with its user-friendly, multi-functional design while also extending a quick and efficient way to warm up milk and other baby foods.

The Nutri Smart Baby Bottle Warmer offers a range of benefits that distinguish it from other bottle warmers on the market.

The product offers smart and efficient heating for both room temperature milk (68-77℉) and refrigerated milk (0-10 ℉) , allowing the baby to enjoy their milk at a suitable temperature in 3 to 5 minutes.

Milk that is closer to body temperature can be quickly absorbed by the baby, and none of its nutritional value goes to waste. The bottle warmer can also keep the milk warm all day, making it convenient for parents to feed their babies day and night.

Meanwhile, its gentle defrosting function thaws frozen breast milk before heating, preserving essential nutrients and maintaining the milk’s texture and flavor for the baby’s satisfaction.

The LED screen, countdown timer, and built-in nightlight make it effortless to operate and monitor the warming process, providing a hassle-free solution for parents at night, or when parents need to focus more attention on their crying baby.

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