Organic Chilli growing – make it easy at your home garden

Chilli can be easily grown in organic method in your home garden, back yard, rooftop or even in your balcony.


Chilli can be easily grown in organic method in your home garden, back yard, rooftop or even in your balcony. 


Broadly, in farmers language, it is divided in to two varieties – one is hybrid and another is country variety. Hybrid is big in size and develops fruits early while the country variety is small in size but spicy. You can select the variety that you like.


You can make baby plant on your own and later you can transfer it to a big pot or directly to the field. You can also buy ready to plant saplings from good nurseries around your area.

If you want to prepare the sapling on your own, first dump the potting mix in a small pot and soak it overnight in ample water.

Next day in the morning, gently press each of the chilli seeds into the soft soil and then cover it with mulch or hay. You have to water it daily till the sown seeds germinate into saplings. You can get the seeds from seed shop or take from the already dried red chillies available at your kitchen.

As soon as the tiny leaves appear on the main stem, you have to transfer the sapling to a bigger pot.

Container and soil

Now you have sapling that you made on your own or purchased from nursery. Get ready for planting, and ready to plant.

Select a reasonably big pot or any container with a height of around 18-20 inches. It should be holed in the bottom in order to drain the excess water

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Prepare the soil with organic manure. It can be achieved by mixing equal amounts of compost, cocopeat and perlite. Adding a small amount of neem cake and pongamia cake in the soil is also advisable as it enriches the soil while keeping bad worms away. It may be noted that Pongamia cake is good  bio-fertilizer that is widely utilized in organic farming.


Chilies are heat-loving plants. Chose the area in your open yard or at home that is exposed to sunlight.  It grows fast and healthy under good sunlight.


Water the plant every day in the morning or in the evening till it flowers. You can reduce the frequency of watering once the plant witnesses flowering.

It will take 30 days for chilli plant to flower and bear fruit. During this period, you have to maintain the plant’s health. Remove any weeds that you see, as these will occupy space and absorb nutrients from your chilies.


Harvesting of chillies depends on its variety and species, Some can produce matured fruit in around 60 days from sowing of sapling while others take as long as 120 days.

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