Many believe organic Coriander boosts immunity against Covid-19; know how to grow Coriander at your home garden

Although it is not proved scientifically, many people have increased using Coriander in their recipes, believing that it boosts immunity that will be helpful to prevent themselves from Covid-19.


Be it an Indian cuisine Rasam or Briyani or any curries or even salad. Coriander makes it as one of the prime ingredient for its fragrance and its nutritional values.

Coriander is very easy to grow at your home garden. If it is organic coriander it is well and good.

Selection of container

Select the pot that is bit wider as you can sow more seeds. Height can be in the range of around 8 inches and width can be as per your wish and convenience.

Prepare soil

Now prepare the soil by mixing sand and red soil along with cocopeat, small amount of neem cake and compost in equal quantities. Now you have the potting mix. Dump the mix in the pot that is drilled with a hole in the bottom to drain the excess water.


You can sow the coriander seeds in the pot now. Press them slightly to break the seeds into two. Soak the broken seeds overnight in water. Drain the potting mix properly and scrape lines through it. Now carefully sow the seeds evenly along the scraped lines. Later you can cover the seeds with little soil and dry leaves. Sprinkle little water on the sown soil.

Get good yield

Seeds will shoot out within a few days. Once they have sprouted, you can spray with diluted buttermilk or Panchagavya  for you to get organic produce. You can repeat it once in every 15 days. Do not ever overwater the coriander plant. Harvest the Coriander in some days as it’s ready.

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