Easy to grow organic Brinjal for your home garden

People are shifting to organic food. Many wanted to shift but could not due to its high cost. So what? Why can’t you grow on your own. There are many vegetables that you can grow by practicing organic methods. Brinjal is one such vegetable that you can grow easily at your home garden.


Brinjal makes many curries yummy in your kitchen. In the Indian cuisine, you can see that brinjal is generally prepared as main course. Its believed in rural areas that the brinjal is good to keep you warm during winters and keep cold away from you. Especially in down south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, ‘kathirikai kulambu’ is very popular while it is being used to prepare fragrant ‘baingan ka bharta’ as a cuisine in many North Indian homes.

How to grow Organic Brinjal?

You can handpick the organic brinjals from your home garden if you follow the following steps.

Seeds to sow

There are several varieties of brinjals. You can ask at the seed shop for the variety you like. Now you should soak the seeds overnight to sow it in the next day morning to grow saplings first. Now press the seeds slightly in a small pot and keep watering it for a few days. The seeds will germinate into sapling. Wait till it reaches the heigh of 6 inches. Now the baby plant is ready to be shifted to big pot.

If you don’t have patience in producing sapling on your own, you can also buy ready to plant saplings from the nurseries in your area.

Select the pot

You can have a mud pot or any container to grow the  Brinjal plant. See that the container has a hole in the bottom to drain the excess water and it is with a height in the range of 15-20 inches.

Potting mix

Now prepare a potting mix in organic method. It can be achieved with 30 percent of soil mixed with compost, cocopeat and sand 20 percent each. Also mix little amount of neem cake powder and Pongamia cake powder to make the soil mineral rich and keep the bad worms away.


Now dump the potting mix in the container and press it well. Transplant the saplings in the big container. Keep watering it regularly. Also remove the weeds as and when you notice them in the pot.

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Brinjal plant, as other plants, attracts some diseases, but they can be treated easily with organic pesticides available in the fertilizer shops. Also ensure to pluck the dried leaves from the plant as to allow it to develop the Brinjals continuously.

If you are cultivating Brinjal in open yard, it can be accompanied with companion plants like cabbage, broccoli and tomato.


You can start picking Brinjal from the plant in 90-110 days. Ensure you harvest the Organic Brinjal young before the flesh becomes pithy. It is ready to harvest when it looks glossy, firm, and full-coloured

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