Keep your heart healthy with these easy tips from Harvard medical school

American Heart Association and Harvard experts lists out simple steps to avoid complications


HeartKeeping heart healthy is not such a hard thing, as perceived by many. For, simple steps can go a long way in maintaining the key organ well.

According to Deepak L. Bhatt, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and editor in chief of the Harvard Heart Letter, “the lifestyle habits that keep your heart healthy may also leave you less vulnerable to serious complications from infections such as COVID-19 and influenza.”

The American Heart Association refers simple steps that keep the heart healthy as “Life’s Simple 7.” And, they are: Stop smoking, Eat better, Be active, Lose weight, Manage your blood pressure, Control your cholesterol, Reduce your blood sugar.

If you think these seven steps are little long, there are three simple methods that ensure your heart’s wellness.

In an article, Julie CorlissJulie Corliss, Executive Editor, Harvard Heart Letter, lists them as: Make one small change to your diet, Do a heart rate-elevating exercise for 10 minutes, and Know your numbers.

As far as the first step is concerned, she says, “Swap meat with beans in one of your favorite dinner recipes. Eat a slice of whole-grain bread instead of white bread. Try a vegetable you’ve never had before.”

On the second method, she says, Take a brisk walk around your neighborhood. Hop on a treadmill or other exercise machine. No machines handy? Do some simple calisthenics, like a combination of jumping jacks, squats, leg raises, and arm circles.”

Weight & Height

And, about the third step, Corliss states, Step on a scale, then use your weight and height to calculate your body mass index.

Measure your blood pressure (many pharmacies have machines). Check your medical records for your latest blood test results, which should include cholesterol and fasting blood sugar values.

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