Himalaya Drug Company launches ‘Ab Daant Hamesha 10/10’ campaign

Wellness brand launches campaign through its new film for Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste

The Himalaya Drug Company launches ‘Ab Daant Hamesha 10/10’ campaign through its new film for Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste

The Himalaya Drug Company has launched a new film under its ‘Ab Daant Hamesha 10/10’ campaign.

This campaign for Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste concentrates on the importance of using the right toothpaste to prevent cavities and toothache, besides bringing happiness in our daily lives.

One of India’s leading wellness brands, Himalaya’s new film shows a conversation between two mothers talking about their children’s oral hygiene.

It is set in the new normal, wherein one of the mothers shares the challenge that she faces while trying to get her children to brush the right way. The other mom then suggests Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste and explains how it helps her ward in preventing oral problems.

The television commercial throws light on the key ingredients of the toothpaste, Neem, Triphala, and Miswak. These effective and well-known ingredients help protect the teeth from toothache and cavities and provide complete oral protection.

According to Saif Ahmad, Brand Manager – Oral Care, The Himalaya Drug Company, “Through our campaign ‘Ab Daant Hamesha 10/10’, we have tried to depict the real-life challenges of oral care in the early years of life and how choosing the right toothpaste is crucial.”

He said that Himalaya Complete Care has Neem, Triphala, and Miswak that help protect teeth and gums, making them strong and healthy.

Care for all

“Not just kids, but adults too tend to overlook oral care needs. So, the best way to prevent problems would be to brush regularly with the right toothpaste,” Ahmad added.

“Ask any mother and she’ll tell you that her kids don’t brush their teeth properly. That’s why they need Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste, which has the most effective combination of herbs for oral health problems,” Prateek Srivastava, Co-Founder, Chapter Five, said.

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The creative route of securing full marks for your teeth should help build a good recall for the brand among target audience, he hoped.

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