Mom’s Dry Noodle adds fresh flavour to US’s taste for Taiwanese food

Drinking bubble tea and ordering fluffy white-flour dumplings, both Taiwanese delicacies, are becoming popular Americans' dinner options


Mom's Dry NoodleMom’s Dry Noodle has sold about 400,000 bags of ramen-style noodles to the United States in the first nine months of 2020.

The premium sundried noodle company based in Taiwan said its sales in the US account for a fifth of its global sales by volume over the same period. Last month alone, shipments to the US have hit 120,000 bags.

Kyle Kao, co-founder of Mom’s Dry Noodle, said, “Mom’s Dry Noodle is a promising premium noodle brand originated from Taiwan that uses all-natural ingredients for its products to provide a healthier option for consumers and supports local agriculture.:

Kao said further that Mom’s Dry Noodle’s consumers range from children to elders. According to Kao, the company wants consumers to associate the brand with the taste of home.

“With a bowl of Taiwanese noodles, we want to remind Taiwanese living abroad of home, and providing the rest of the world with authentic and delicious Taiwanese dishes,” Kao added.

Mom’s Dry Noodle, which is an award winning product is popular for its red chili oil flavoring made from pepper and canola oil.

Blend of taste

It is then blended with sesame seeds roasted at low temperatures and topped with crispy garlic flakes. These ingredients, the company said, provide the noodles a burst of flavors from spicy, sweet to salty – all in one.

The brand’s noodles are globally recognised by The Ramen Rater blog, ranking Mom’s Chengdu-style dan-dan noodles No. 7 on its 2020 World’s Top Ten Noodles list.

Established in 2013, Mom’s Dry Noodle is a Taiwanese instant noodle brand. The brand reaches out to 20 countries with an accumulated total volume of 6.5 million bags of noodles.

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