AstraZeneca ties up with CCT to carry out Covid-19 vaccine trials in Arizona

Eligible study participants who are 18-85 years old, not pregnant, in good general health and have not been previously diagnosed with Covid being recruited


CCTCCT Research has announced forging a partnership with AstraZeneca to advance Covid-19 research.

By joining hands with with local healthcare providers, CCT, a leader in community-based, embedded clinical research, will conduct clinical trials for the AZD1222 COVID-19 VACCINE, an investigational vaccine for the prevention of Covid-19.

Conditions for participants

Eligible study participants who are 18-85 years old, in good general health, not pregnant and have not been previously diagnosed with Covid being recruited are being recruited by CCT.

CJ Anderson, President of CCT, said, “we are honoured to work alongside AstraZeneca amid this unprecedented public health crisis. Our established network and embedded trial design allowed us to quickly and efficiently prepare multiple sites to facilitate high-volume COVID vaccine trials safely.”

He further said that their network approach enables them to provide our sponsor with a stable clinical environment.

According to Thomas Fiel, D.O., family practice physician and Arizona principal investigator, “Covid-19 has been and continues to be devastating to our world. Finding a vaccine is one tool that will help us return to our new normal.”

He added: “I understand the need for clinical trials, as well as the anxiety they can bring to study participants. By conducting this trial through local medical practices like ours, CCT and AstraZeneca can build on an existing foundation of trust, ultimately improving the patient experience. It is another way that, as a community physician, I can help fight this battle.”

The research is happening at Bayless Integrated Healthcare’s downtown Phoenix location at 3620 N 3rd St. in Phoenix.

This research compares an investigational vaccine against a placebo to see if the vaccine can prevent Covid-19. Participants are reimbursed for expenses related to the research.

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