How to handle yellowing of plant leaves

Changing of colour may be sign of nutritional and chemical influences


HomegardenGrowing plants indoor is a good and healthy habit. But it comes with its own challenges. As indoor plants don’t get everything like their outdoor counterparts, they lack in certain things.

One among the issues with indoor plants is yellowing of their leaves. This may be because of certain nutritional or chemical influences. Here are some steps to handle it.

Check the soil

Improper soil can sometimes be the reason for yellowing of leaves of indoor plants. Check whether the soil you had used is apt for the plant make changes if necessary.

Moisture matters

Moisture could be another reason behind yellowing. Take care of watering plants at regular intervals to address this.

Solar power

While outdoor plants get loads of sunlight, indoor plants only get limited access to the power from the above. Make sure that the plants inside your home is exposed to sunlight.

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Root cause

Pay attention on roots and how they have grown into the soil. Prune unhealthy roots and gently loosen the tight ones.


Keep a tab on room temperature and don’t keep plants near an AC unit. Prolonged cold temperature can affect the plants.

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