Muscular Barbie Julia Vins tells what you should do to lose your weight

Julia Vins, a popular woman body builder shows you a completely different and simple way to lose your weight.

Julia Vins
Picture Courtesy : Julia Vins Instagram page

Julia Vins, a Russia-based 23-year old woman body builder, provides easy to adopt simple tips in her Instagram post to lose your weight.

Nicknamed ‘Muscular Barbie’, Vins is a powerlifter and one of the quite popular beautiful woman body builders on the internet for having a highly toned muscular body along with a pretty, Barbie-like face.

There is a stereotype that you need to eat 5 to 6 times a day if you would like to burn your fat. Overweight is not the problem, she says and adds; it is just a symptom of some problems.

Yes, you should focus on calories, but you shouldn’t ignore hormonal triggers. And now we’ll talk about the hormone you should pay attention to – insulin.

The formula is simple, Julia Vins says. You gain fat if your insulin goes up.

Hence, the classic scheme recommended by many professional bodybuilders in terms of eating 5 to 6 times a day is very good for gaining weight, but it does not work well for burning your fat if you train naturally.

And it does not depend on what diet you use (even keto, vegetarian or other)

Techniques to cut down insulin levels:-

First, she asks you to reduce fast carbohydrate intake while avoiding the combination of protein and sugar.

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If you eat a lot of protein, Julia Vins asks you to add enough fat to this meal. Also reduce the number of meals, but there is an important thing – follow your calorie norm. Because if you eat not enough calories, you will have the opposite effect.

Julia VinsImportantly, she suggests not to eat snacks between meals.

If you follow these recommendations for around two weeks, your insulin level will begin to stabilize and the desire to eat sweets will decrease.

It works great and you can adjust your weight very easily, you will feel good, and you don’t have to worry if you skip another meal because of work anymore.

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