Massage chair to help address BP, depression and stress

Elizabeth Medical Massage Chair to be industry first and to address the skyrocketing stresses around the globe


MassageMassage is no doubt a soothing remedy. And now, a health and wellness solutions company based in Seoul, South Korea, has announced new Elizabeth Medical Massage Chair, slated for global release in March.

The company said it has found a way to help reduce the persistent physical and mental exhaustion we face through its massage chair.

Changjoo Kim, CEO of Bodyfriend North America, said, “We developed the Elizabeth Medical Massage Chair to be an industry first and to address the skyrocketing stresses around the globe.”

He added: “Relying on critical data on the effects of stress, anxiety and depression, we combined creative massage design engineering with a hardware/software platform that can accurately measure and manage a person’s blood pressure—ultimately optimizing the blood pressure of the person over time.”

As per CDC, close to half of adults in the United States (45 percent) have hypertension, with 30 million adults recommended to take medication as a result.

The American Psychological Association also reflects this sentiment in its “Stress in America 2020” study, which states, “nearly 8 in 10 adults (78 percent) say the coronavirus pandemic is a significant source of stress in their life.”

Elizabeth Medical its product systematically links with the healthcare application and various physical therapy methods to manage a user’s blood pressure. The chair relies on data pulled from the app to create a programmatic massage that acts as a therapeutic tool.

Nerve and blood vessel dilation

It activates the parasympathetic nerve and blood vessel dilation through thermal massage and respiratory rate management through its integrated speakers.

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The chair and related lifestyle-management app also leverage cognitive behavioral therapy programs designed by psychiatrists at the Bodyfriend Medical R&D Center.

These programs are meant to positively engage and encourage users to continue their health transformation journey through behavior improvement, customised diet and exercise recommendations and access to health-oriented content, such as articles and tips.

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