Remove these 6 foods from your diet to balance hormones

Caused by certain foods, hormonal imbalance can be controlled by making simple changes to diet


Food confusionHormonal imbalance is one of the menaces that could give sleepless nights to people, as they would result in ailments like hypothyroidism and PCOD.

However, by making simple changes to the diet and cutting away the intake of certain food items, you can strike a fine balance of hormones. Here we explain how.

Dairy products

Milk and its associated products are tempting. However, while they can help you stay fit, they can also disrupt your hormonal balance. Hence, keep a watch on dairy products that you consume.

Red meat

As the name itself suggests, red meat needs to be red signalled. Instead of consuming red meat, you can appease your taste buds with milk and fish.

Soy products

If you are of the opinion that soy products are healthy, some of them can actually disturb hormones and cause imbalance. Hence, think twice and study well before you take soy products henceforth.

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Processed foods

Since chemicals and preservatives are used in processed foods to keep them ‘fresh’, consuming them might cause hormonal imbalance. These could cause inflammation, stress and overweight. So, stay alert.


If you are a coffee addict, it is time to change yourself. Caffeine increases the cortisol production in the body. Popularly known as the stress hormone, Cortisol causes imbalance in your body, feel experts.

Some vegetables

Not all vegetables are healthy. Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, and kale are bad if consumed in excess. So, keep a tab on how you consume them.

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