Malaika Arora’s cobra pose sets internet on fire

Actress-Yoga expert does Bhujangasana and explains its immense benefits

Malaika Arora
Picture courtesy ; Malaika Arora;s Instagram page

While Malaika Arora’s fans are eagely waiting for Mondays for her Asana posts, the actress-Yoga expert is equally elated.

“It feels incredible to strike a pose and make a move every Monday. A new week and another opportunity to keep up with our fitness goals! So let’s get on the mat and begin,” she starts off her post, as she begins explaining about Bhujangasana.

Along with a photo of her performing Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), Malaika says the pose is useful for respiratory disorders such as Asthma and aids in the toning of abdominal muscles improving flexibility.

Explaining step by step on how to perform it, she says, “Lie down flat on your stomach. Rest the palms by the side of your chest, arms close to your body, elbows pointing outward.”

She then asks her followers to inhale and raise their forehead, neck and shoulders. Then they have to raise their trunk using the strength of their arms.

Upward breathing

“Look upward breathing normally. Make sure that your stomach is pressed on the floor. Hold the pose for 5 seconds,” she says.

Malaika signs off by asking her followers to slowly lie back flat on their stomach and turn their head to one side and rest their arms by the side of their body. So, are you ready to do Bhujangasana?

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