Doing Tada Badha Malasana will give you world of benefits

Engineer and yoga expert Shubhankshi Dobhal explains about the Asana, also known as Standing Bound Garland Pose and its positive impacts


Shubhankshi DobhalTada Badha Malasana is one of the main yoga asanas that has immense health benefits when it is performed systematically. Engineer and yoga expert explains here about how to do Tada Badha Malasana and what are its benefits.

This time, she is here to explain about Tada Badha Malasana, which is also known as Standing Bound Garland Pose.

Giving easy steps to perform it, Shubhankshi asks Yoga enthusiasts to start with standing straight with their feet placed shoulder width apart. Then she asks them to keep their toes slightly out.

“Take a deep breath, exhale and squat down keeping your feet flat on the floor,” she says, adding: “Place your arms in front of you, with elbows on the inner side your knees. Lean your torso forward.”

Those performing the Asana should then take their left arm up and place it behind their back, while stretching the chest and rotating.

“Bring your right shoulder under your right knee and wrap your elbow around your knee. Move your palms towards one another and interlace your fingers and pull your shoulders away from each other,” she says.

If someone is not able to interlace their fingers, they can use a strap and hold it with both their hands as close as possible.

Shubhankshi Dobhal
Picture Courtesy : Instagram page of Shubhankshi Dobhal

“Look down and lift your hips up slightly. Shift your weight to your left leg and stand completely upright with your right leg still bound,” states the Yoga expert.

Then she asks her followers to stay in this pose for a few long breaths. “Slowly come down bringing the right foot back on the mat and release the bind. Repeat the steps for the other side,” she concludes.

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Before signing off, Shubhankshi lists out the benefits of the Asana. She says it strengthens the core and leg muscles while improving focus, balance and concentration.

“It is an effective hip opener as it increases the mobility of the hips. It also gives an
intense stretch at the hamstrings, spine, shoulders, arms and lower back,” she adds.

According to Shubhankshi, it improves metabolism while the abdominal muscles get compressed helping in stimulating the internal organs.

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