Utthita Vasisthasana is secret of strong arms, wrist of Malaika Arora

Actress-Yoga expert performs Utthita Vasisthasana Pose, also called as Side Plank, and explaints its benefits


Malaika AroraFebruary, which started on Monday, has been made special by Malaika Arora with Utthita Vasisthasana. The actress-turned-Yoga expert is not just enthralling, but also educating her followers every Monday.

And, with this Monday being the first day of the month (February), she said, “First day of the month had to be a good start with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek. So go get your mats out and begin with the Utthita Vasisthasana Pose, also called as Side Plank.”

Malaika added in her Instagram post, “Utthita Vasisthasana is a pose that helps with strengthening the arms, wrists, naval area and legs. It is a great balancing asana in modern yoga. Hence, it improves sense of balance as well as focus.”

How to do it

Explaining the step by step process of performing the Asana, she said, “Start in Plank Pose, pressing firmly through your hands with your shoulders aligned over your wrists.”

She then asked her followers to keep their core muscles and legs engaged, roll both their heels to the right. “Stack your left foot on top of the right than lift your left leg off the floor.”

Malaika then asked them press down through the right hand and raise their left hand. “Keep your lower belly engaged and your tailbone long,” she added.

“Look up to your hand, or ahead of you,” she said and signed off by saying: “Build up to stay in the pose for 5 breaths.”


This Yoga Asana strengthens and tones the arms and legs while improving focus and concentration. This will also stretch the back of the legs. Very importantly the sense of balance is improved with this asana.

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On the otherhand, this Asana also helps stretch your wrists and makes them stronger. Further it will improve the mental and emotional balance. While boosting up your confidence and self-esteem, this Asana will improve your transformative power and decisiveness.

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