Malaika Arora performs ‘miracle’ with Vasisthasana

Helps in both physical and psychological benefits, cultivates a feeling of universal love and acceptance

Malaika Arora
Picture courtesy ; Malaika Arora;s Instagram page

Actress-fitness expert Malaika Arora, whose fans and followers are looking forward for Monday for her Yoga tips, has not disappointed them this week too.

This time, she has come up with something called Vasisthasana, which she describes as ‘Side Plank Pose’. And she says it provides both physical and psychological benefits.

She starts off her Instagram post with ‘Namaste Everyone!’ and adds: “Let’s get the new week started with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek – Vasisthasana(Side Plank Pose).”

Miracle Asana

This pose is a miracle asana, which helps in both physical and psychological benefits. It stretches and strengthens the back, opening the chest, shoulders and throat, Malaika says.

She says it cultivates a feeling of universal love and acceptance. She then explains step by step on how to do it.

Asking her followers to start with high plank pose, she then tells them to keep their wrist under the shoulders and toes strong.

“Turn your body to the left side and shift your body weight on your left palm and left foot. Take your right hand over your head. Now try to take your left leg straight, in front off the floor and keep it in your waistline,” she says.

Asking them to look towards their left palm, Malaika guides her followers to hold for a few breaths and release the posture.

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And what more? She has also asked them to share their pictures of performing Vasisthasana.

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