Dermaclara Beauty launches enhanced long lasting Silicone Fusion for new and expectant moms

Stretch mark patch kit stimulates collagen regulation and reduces stretch marks during and post pregnancy


DermaclaraDermaclara Beauty has launched its newly improved Enhanced Silicone Fusion stretch mark patches and kit.

According to the high-performance skincare brand for stretch marks, scars and wrinkles, with improvements to size, viscosity, reusability, and breathability, the new patches have an overall increased effectiveness of 40 percent from its original design.

It said the new Patch Prep and enhanced backing card are engineered and designed to reactivate adhesive properties in-between treatments. The Patch Prep removes dead skin and oils from the patch, repairing the adhesive.

The improved backing card is textured and sprayed with a proprietary formula to re-activate adhesion. Enhanced structural integrity slows down tearing, amplifies stickiness, is easy to travel with and store, and ensures the backing doesn’t lose its shape.

Thanks to the new Patch Prep and enhanced backing card, the reusability of the patches is increased by 50 percent. Dermaclara guarantees customers get 15 to 30 uses with the new patches, regardless of environment or skin type.

In addition, the new patches have a 60 percent increased surface area from the previous design, providing a larger treatment area for belly, sides, and thighs.

FDA approved

The company prides itself on being FDA approved, dermatologist approved, and patent approved. The 100 percent sustainable medical grade silicone patches are clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles within just one hour.

The Enhanced Silicone Fusion stretch mark patches are priced individually at $39.99 or in a kit for $49.99. The kit comes with: two Enhanced Silicone Fusion patches and the proprietary Patch Prep Formula.

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As a limited time offer, Dermaclara is also including a free waterproof travel bag and a pore-clearing silicone exfoliator with each kit.

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