World Liver Day tips on foods for healthy liver

Experts suggests some food habits and tips to keep your liver in good shape on the day of World Liver Day on April 19.


World Liver DayA healthy and balanced diet helps in keeping your liver in good shape.

It is a good to keep the consumption of fatty foods, junk food and red meat at bay and consume more fresh produce like fruits and vegetables.

Eating more green vegetables and leafy greens can prove quite beneficial for liver health. Meanwhile, cruciferous vegetables can also protect the liver and make it healthy.

Our food plate should comprise the essential groups like cereal, pulses, and fats.

The cereal must be made of complex carbohydrates and food items must not have “maida” or processed food, “ Items like rawa, idli and bajra are good. Rice can also be taken but it should be parboiled rice and not basmati rice.

Good fats are also crucial for liver health. “It is important to eat adequate amounts of good fats. Not every fat is good for the body, the fat we must consume must be healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They are found in food items like fish oil, fatty fish, flax seeds, and walnuts,” says the expert.

You can also add more Vitamin C and Vitamin D to your diet for better liver health. “Other important nutrients required by the liver are Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Vitamin C is found in fresh citrus fruits and Vitamin D can be sourced from natural sunlight along with milk and milk-based foods, eggs, and cod liver oil,” adds the expert.

Drinking plenty of water is also vital for liver health. Water is one of the most essential nutrients that works as a natural cleanser of the liver. Just as the human body needs cleansing, the internal organs of the body also need cleansing which is done by drinking adequate amounts of water.

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