Monday, June 17, 2024
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COVID-19: Few tips on diet to keep your immunity high

Although there is no medicines out yet for Covid-19, here comes some tips from doctors on how you can modify your diet pattern to...

Momcozy unveils smart baby bottle warmer for safe milk warming

Momcozy, a global maternity and baby brand, has unveiled its latest offering, the Nutri Smart Baby Bottle Warmer. This bottle warmer is designed to simplify...

Gladstone Institutes discovers key role of glucose in brain activity

Human brain has a sweet tooth, burning through nearly one quarter of the body's sugar energy, or glucose, each day. Now scientists at Gladstone Institutes...

Aastrika steers quality Maternal Healthcare in India

Aastrika Foundation, a non-profit committed to promoting Respectful Maternity Care, said it has made critical progress in providing essential maternal and ancillary healthcare services...