Hosur Dental Surgeon throws light on safety protocols for patients

Delaying the dental treatment will not only make you to spend more but also jacks up the complications


Dr JayasreeCovid pandemic has changed the routines of people. Many have fear on visiting hospitals. But what to do when you have acute toothache? You cannot avoid treatments. Of course, you can visit your Dentist by following certain safety measures, says Hosur-based Dental Surgeon Dr R.Jayasree of Prime Dental Clinic. Known for her expertise in root canal treatments and carrying out advanced dental procedures in Hosur industrial town, Dr Jayasree has framed an advisory chart for visiting patients. Backed with four years of well-established clinical practices in dental surgeries, she lists out safety mantras for patients while visiting clinic :- 

Ofcourse the current situation is a highly confusing time and hard for the one to decide whether it is safe to visit a dentist in this pandemic? But we can’t deny our oral hygiene, as our oral health is vital for our overall health. Delaying the dental treatment will not only make you to spend more but also jacks up the complications. .

The dentists in general always have high standards in preventing infections and cross contamination. Now the COVID pandemic has added more and more to our safety protocols as to ensure a transmission free service to our patients.

Simple Techniques

This pandemic is lasting for months, so don’t wait for COVID 19 pandemic to end. Just follow some simple techniques to ensure your safety while visiting the dentist.

It’s important to understand, when to visit a dentist. Always get a tele-consultation, as your dentist can decide whether you have to meet in person or not. In tele-consultation, be honest with your dentist. Let them know your medical records, travel information and your exposure to COVID-19 patients. Treatment will be rendered only after the assessment of risk.

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Take an online appointment and be on time as to reduce our exposure towards virus. This also reduces the number of people in the clinic at the given time while ensuring the social distancing.

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In some cases, your doctor may be running late or if you are prior to your appointment, we recommend you to wait in your car or in a place where social distancing is maintained.

Wear masks and gloves wherever possible like in the reception, waiting area, during consultation and a way out. Ensure proper fit of the mask as to prevent you from all the airborne infections.

Avoid touching the magazine, newspaper and water taps. Also avoid using restroom. If you use any of those, sanitize yourself properly. Always carry a hand sanitizer, if possible.

The OnLook advertisementAvoid getting an attendant unnecessarily. Exception is for the children and dependents. Avoid carrying unnecessary accessories, bags and jewelries, which may expose to virus.

Antiseptic mouth wash prior and after the procedure is recommended to minimize the risk of any infection.

We recommend you to do online or QR code payments and avoid cash or card transactions. This ensures transmission less transactions.

Try to get doctor’s prescription in mail, message or in any soft copy, instead of a hardcopy to prevent any chance of transmission of virus.

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Generally, dental clinic has high sterilizing and sanitation protocols, as we are working very close to blood and saliva. After this virus breakout, our protocols were made stringent. From sanitation to working with PPE, our safety standards are tremendously increased. Let’s break this fear and get your dental needs done, this is going to benefit you in a long run.

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