Hosur to Bangalore bus service resumed after four months

Daily thousands of people from both the states travel through Hosur while several people in Hosur work in Bangalore. Also many students from Hosur study in Bangalore colleges.


Bus ServiceThe public transport bus service has been resumed between Hosur and Bangalore after four months.

Hosur is the main transit point between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and most of the buses ferrying passengers from Tamil Nadu passes through Hosur to reach Bangalore.

Due to Covid pandemic, the bus service across the state border has been suspended for the past four months since April 27. It may be noted that Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation is operating around 450 buses to Karnataka through Hosur while 250 buses from Karnataka passes through Hosur every day.

Travel from Hosur to Bangalore to Hosur

Thousands of people in Hosur are working in Bangalore. Also, thousands of Tamil speaking people from Karnataka travel to Tamil Nadu through Hosur every day. The suspension of bus service has hampered their travel between two states.

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The people from Hosur used to take town bus till Zoozuvadi checkpost and walk across the border to take bus in Attibele to visit Bangalore. Vice versa, the Bangalore passengers get down at Attibele and walk across the border to take town bus in Zoozuvadi check post to Hosur.

Now both the state governments have resumed operations between the states. The buses are ferrying passengers from both the states through Hosur since Monday. The people in Hosur are happy that the bus service has been resumed.

It may be noted that hundreds of students from Hosur are studying in Bangalore colleges. Now the colleges in Bangalore are slowly opening after a long shutdown due to pandemic. The resumption of bus service has come as relief to the students travelling from Hosur to Bangalore.

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