Hosur Ringroad waits for town bus service

The 100 feet outer ring road is the main bypass road for Hosur. It starts from Krishnagiri road behind Sri Chandra Chudeswara hill temple and ends at ESI Hospital on Bangalore road, connecting several main roads and human settlements covering 30,000 people population.


Hosur Ring road

The people in Hosur industrial town has appealed to the Tamil Nadu government to introduce town bus service on 100 feet ring road, which is popularly called as Hosur ring road.

According to Senior Local Congress leader Mrs Jeejababy Jayaramiah, the government has completed the outer ring road scheme more than 10 years ago and it stretches around 8.4 kms connecting all major roads in Hosur.

This ring road is the main bypass road for Hosur. It starts from Krishnagiri road behind Sri Chandra Chudeswara hill temple and ends at ESI Hospital on Bangalore road.

Connecting Main Roads

The 100 feet ring road also connects other main roads like Thally main road, Denkanikotta Main road, Railway station road, Royakotta main road with Bangalore National Highways and Krishangiri National Highways.

Also more than 50 sub roads are running inside various housing colonies located along the side of the ring road.

There are several housing settlements like Muneeswara Nagar, Kothur, Mathur, JMC Gardens, Sivasakthi Nagar, TNHB Phase 10 housing colony, Valluvar Nagar, Barathidasan Nagar, Gokuls Nagar, Sanasandiram, Royakotta Housing Board and many more are situated on both the sides of 100 feet ring road, Mrs Jayaramiah added.

Crowd living

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Advocate Ms Rasmi Manjunath of National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), on an estimate, around 30,000 people are living in the housing settlements that have easy access to 100 feet ring road. Apart from this, thousands of floating population is passing through this ring road.

Also there are several Kalyana Mantapams, schools, hospitals have come up on this road, attracting a huge public crowd every day.

Town Bus

But this huge human settlement is not connected by the town bus yet. It may be noted that the people are spending Rs 150 to Rs 200 to visit various destinations on 100 ft ring road from Hosur bus-stand.

More over within 8.4 km stretch of ring road itself, the autorickshaws are charging abnormal rates that cannot be offered by the common people.

Apart all, the school children, women aged people residing along the side of ring road are finding difficult to avail public transport to their destinations. The school children are forced to walk atleast 2 to 3 kms to Hosur bus-stand to get the town bus for their respective schools.

Bus Stops

Considering all these difficulties, the government should introduce town bus service on 100 feet ring road  with stopings in the human clusters like Hosur ESI Hospital, Mathur, Kothur Junction, Muneeswara Nagar, Sishya School, Denkanikota road circle, JMC Garden, Gokuls Nagar Cross, Ashok Pillar, Sanasandiram, Krishnagiri road junction.

Kindly see the town bus service to start from Hosur bus-stand and run through bypass road (Bangalore NH) and enter 100 feet ring road at ESI hospital. So bus can cover the entire stretch of the ring road and pass through Krishnagiri NH to reach back at Hosur bus-stand as a full circle covering a major part of Hosur town. And also the bus can run in the opposite direction from-and-to the bus-stand.

It will be grateful if the town bus service is operated in the frequency of every half an hour, many people here suggests.

Both the women social workers have appealed to the local MP, MLA, Mayor to represent to the government to put town bus service on 100 feet ring road on war footing basis.

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