4 steps to help beat Covid anxiety of your parents

Elderly people are increasingly getting worried over coronavirus and here are simple tips to get rid of fear


parentsAs studies suggest that parents, especially those above 60, are living in fear over they and their family members getting infected by Covid-19, here is what you can do help them beat the stress.

Information inputs

Give them right information from authentic sources, always. Rather than just forwarding social media messages, especially those found on WhatsApp and Facebook, ensure that they get messages from reliable sources like government and medical experts.


Educate your parents about the importance of self-care. They can unwind themselves by playing a game or two or by listening to good music. Reading books by great authors is another way to beat anxiety.

Social media break

Social media is flooded with messages on Covid-19 and most of them are scary. So, you can encourage your elders to take a break from social media for some time.

Regular habit

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Help your parents make a routine of various things. By planning a schedule, they can involve themselves in Yoga, simple exercises and more. By doing this, they will feel confident about themselves.

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Disclaimer: This story including advice/suggestions provides only generic information. It is not at all a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always have a consultation with a specialist or your doctor for more information. The OnLook never claim responsibility for this information.

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