Bettina Cosmetics’ nail polish varieties are now available at Walgreens

Puerto Rico's best-selling brand resumes expansion into continental United States with 50 new colors

Bettina Mercado, Bettina Cosmetics President

Amid these tough times, the Puerto Rican woman-owned cosmetics company, Bettina Cosmetics has restarted its expansion into the continental US by unveiling 50 nail polish colors.

These new products are now available in 602 Walgreens stores across Florida. The Bettina Cosmetics nail polish line is the best-selling brand in Puerto Rico.

Bettina Mercado, President at Bettina Cosmetics, said, “It is with great pride and excitement we announce that thanks to our partnership with Walgreens, our nail polishes are now available at 738 points of sale throughout the state of Florida.”

A former New York actress, Mercado took over the reins of the family business and made it the leading company that it is today.

She added: “When my family gave me the opportunity to take over this company, which has been a family business for six decades, I had a successful acting career in New York. However, I took a chance and embraced this project and we have already seen the fruits of our effort. In the same way, we want to recognize other stories of women who have successfully taken that leap. Their testimonies will help inspire others and with it, boost the economy.”


Meanwhile, “Bettina Premia tu Valor” will reward the stories of entrepreneurship of five Hispanic women who even in times of crisis (Covid-19) dared to take a leap of faith and launch their company.

To be initially rolled out in Florida, the initiative will eventually expand into other markets as the brand’s growth progresses in the US.

Winners will be honoured with a designated nail polish color with their company name, which will be available for sale online.

All the proceeds generated from the sales of these nail polishes will go to the entrepreneurs. Apart from the naming, their story will be featured as a testimony of business success.

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