Hosur-based JCI India trainer suggests on managing emotions during Covid pandemic

Write-up gives a great idea on how to manage your emotions efficiently during pandemic.


Covid pandemic has not only posed challenges to health and economy, but also to human behavior due to stress. How to manage this situation?  Chandrachoodeshwaran M, a Hosur-based National Trainer of JCI India, Counselor and EI Specialist lists out the ways to manage your emotions during the pandemic.

Emotional Self-Management is crucial during the pandemic. To manage momentary stress and anxiety, one should learn Emotional Self-Management and try mastering it. Let us see how one can master the Emotional Self-Management.

Emotional Hijacking

As Human Beings we operate from three different domains in our Brain, those are Limbic Brain, Mammal Brain and Human or Rational Brain. Whatever message we receive (converted as an image and sent to the brain) reaches the Limbic Brain limbic brain first and it can only try to Flight or Fight over the message received and it very aggressive brain, it is meant for surviving and not for achieving anything or to perform. Whereas Mammal Brain is very emotional brain, it can provoke your emotions either positively or negatively according to the message you receive. And the final segment of our brain is Human Brain or Rational Brain in which the respond mechanism is present, where we rationalize our responses to the situation or a person and respond to it.

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Hence try to understand from where you are operating, when you receive depowering or negative messages or thoughts. It is very important to understand whether you are reacting to a situation or responding to you a situation. If a person is predominantly functioning from his limbic brain which is also called primitive mind, he tends to be very aggressive, hence try to understand which one is your predominant functional brain. By knowing this you can master yourself. But this action happens in 6 seconds, the signal travels from limbic to human brain by the time entire hijacking would have happened, the results could be fruitful or unfruitful.

Six Seconds:

The signal travels reach from limbic brain to human brain within six seconds, by delaying your response or reaction for six seconds, most our life’s devastating situations can be handled better. How can you delay this second seconds, drink a sip of water or develop a ritual that calms down your mind and just delay the action.

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Ulterior or Racket Feelings:

Human Brain can generate up-to 65,000 messages a day, it can’t be stopped and it can be classified as Automatic Negative Thoughts and Automatic Positive Thoughts, though it can’t be stopped by us, human brain is empowered to choose the thoughts. Learn to kill the ANT! Yes, kill those Automatic Negative Thoughts, these thoughts are called as ulterior thoughts and it may lead you to negativity, actually your thinking decides your feeling and your feeling decides your behaviour. Hence understanding of your in-genuine or racket feelings helps you to over-come the most of the mind related issues or diseases can be regulated well.

These are some useful tips for effective Self-Management:

Take care of yourself: Give importance for your feelings and emotions, take feedback if necessary.

Reflect on your Strengths: Reflect on your strengths and work on it, rather focusing on your weakness and feeling about it.

Think before you speak: Think before you speak, let your words make a person and never break a person and it should not also hurt you.

Practice being patient: Please be patient and observe your trigger points to handle you best at any given situation. Always follow the six seconds delay before you respond.

Be interesting: Be engaged with positive people and do something interesting.

Have a good Life Ethic: Develop a Life Ethic which suits you better and follow it systematically.

The first step in emotional intelligence is all about Self-Management – open your heart with supportive people and friends, survey your emotional landscaping and understand your emotions and others emotions as well and take responsibility of your life and live happily.

(The Author can be contacted for Individual Counselling and Workshops on Emotional Intelligence and his details can be found on his website www.Chandrachoodeshwaran.in)

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