Hosur Ashok Leyland facility to focus on alternate fuels

Commercial vehicle maker moving towards a Green Mobility Future


Hosur Ashok LeylandHosur Ashok Leyland facility will exclusively focus on Alternate Fuels as part of the commercial vehicle maker moving towards green mobility future.

The flagship Company of the Hinduja Group and India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer is taking several steps to build a green mobility future.

To increase its presence in the Alternate Fuel space, the company has planned a slew of products starting with CNG and LNG.

The company has also put in place a strong and a capable team to focus exclusively on alternate fuel technology that uses low carbon. To attain this goal, the vehicle maker company has dedicated its existing testing facility in Hosur to exclusively focus on Alternate Fuels.

Vipin Sondhi, MD & CEO, Ashok Leyland
Vipin Sondhi, MD & CEO, Ashok Leyland

Vipin Sondhi, MD & CEO, Ashok Leyland said, “Our mission is to positively impact humanity and conserve the environment through sustainable energy and mobility solutions. Future mobility is moving towards alternate fuel technology.”

Sondhi said that Hosur Testing facility is managed by a talented and capable team will help drive Ashok Leyland’s green mobility future

Methanol & Hydrogen

“On Alternate fuel options we are already seeing a push for CNG & LNG, and expect other fuels such as Methanol, Hydrogen etc. to start replacing fossil fuels, said  Dr N Saravanan, CTO, Ashok Leyland,

Dr. Saravanan, CTO, Ashok Leyland
Dr. Saravanan, CTO, Ashok Leyland

At Ashok Leyland, the company is working on the development of all the above alternate fuel technologies, while continue to make our IC engines more efficient.  We are committed to this path of sustainable mobility,” Saravanan added.

Currently Powertrains are predominantly driven by IC engines – Petrol and Diesel. In the next 10 years, alternative powertrains comprising of Battery Electric, Fuel Cell Electric will emerge, and Ashok Leyland has dedicated teams focusing on the development of these future power trains.

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